Our Promise

We aim to supply world class systems with world class service and support

Our team of technical experts has spent over a year examining every aspect of fabricating, selling and installing aluminium windows and doors to gain a keen understanding of the challenges faced by fabricators and installers. We have re-engineered the products from the ground up and improved the whole process from ordering to fulfilment.

It’s #AluminiumButNotAsYouKnowIt

Aluminium logs waiting to be extruded

Controlling our supply chain

Extruding our own profiles and manufacturing components ourselves gives us end-to-end control over the supply chain so we can be quicker and more reliable, improving our quality and response times.

Contemporary aluminium interior

Fully integrated systems

We’ve even developed our own software for our state-of-the-art factory and logistics, as well as special software to make ordering and fabricating much easier.

Customer service handshake

World class service

Aluminium has lagged behind the PVC-U sector in terms of service. We aim to be easy and accommodating to deal with, while offering short lead times and On-Time-In-Full delivery.

Committed to delivering outstanding solutions

The strong growth of premium products and an appetite for slim, flush profiles and colour have driven the growth of aluminium and the number of fabricators and installers offering it. But old and inefficient equipment and processes, legacy design constraints, and slow-to-change attitudes are holding aluminium back from its potential. Sheerline aims to change that with outstanding products that are easy to fabricate, install and sell, supported with outstanding service.

Shona Hartshorn - Design coordinator
Ross Hartshorn - Technical Production Director

Built for the future

Great products need great people to deliver them, and to keep on innovating so you can keep growing. That’s why we’ve invested in the best technical and operational expertise and experience, and the very best young talent for tomorrow.

Why Aluminium?

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Recyclable, sustainable and aesthetic

Today’s homeowners are concerned about climate change, and it’s increasingly affecting their choice of home improvement products. Aluminium is one of the most recycled – and most recyclable – materials on the planet, with nearly 75% of all the aluminium produced still in use today. Sheerline will also be significantly more energy efficient than other aluminium systems, sourcing and producing its aluminium solely in the UK.

Aluminium also looks stunning. Its inherent strength means very slim profiles with large panes of glass are possible. In any colour imaginable. It’s easy to see why homeowners have fallen for aluminium.