Transforming homes with our high performance aluminium windows

Designed to combine the latest technical innovations with peerless aesthetics, in a system that is fabricator and installer friendly

Windows are an investment that makes a real difference to how warm and secure a home is as well as changing the look of a property. This is why we have designed the Classic system from the ground up. Building on years of experience, we’ve incorporated many new innovative ideas; creating a warmer, slimmer and more secure window system. Designed for discerning homeowners that aren’t willing to compromise, our windows are tailored to those who demand more for their home. Built around an innovative Thermavic® multi-chamber thermal break, our windows use a patented construction method that offers unsurpassed levels of security, while dramatically cutting down on manufacturing waste. Our windows are strong and durable, yet their slim frames maximise light flooding into interiors. Sheerline aluminium windows are also available in a wide range of stocked colours with agile delivery.

Ultra secure, ultra slim beadless aluminium window system

Security built-in

The Classic system’s innovative construction coupled with  high security multipoint locking and unique hinge protectors creates unparalleled levels of security. No window in its class is as secure with PAS24 as standard. 

Thermavic® performance

Multi-chambered Thermavic® thermal breaks give Classic great thermal performance. Plus with cills and ancillaries made from the same high performance material you’ll avoid the cold spots that can lead to condensation issues.

Stocked profiles in 5 days

Manufactured in the UK, we design and make every aluminium and moulded component so we have the control to offer you unbeatable service. Sheerline profiles are available in five working days from a stocked range of 11 colours.

Patent registration number: GB2569209

Our integrated system design, using fewer components in a more consistent way, drastically reduces stock holding requirements. Freeing up cash and leading to fewer stock issues. For example we use just two gaskets across the whole Classic range. 

Our patented corner jointing method does away with the need for crimping and specialised machinery, drastically reducing waste while also speeding up manufacturing. Our patented corner construction method, allowing for easy adjustment post assembly means far fewer frames will need be be scrapped – better for stock utilisation and the environment.

Our unique construction method speeds up manufacturing with windows being able to be manufactured on a single work bench with minimal training. Classic windows are also easier to install, arriving on site pre-glazed, while allowing easy de-glazing if required.

Easy adjustment of each corner means an end to stepped frames, while our beadless system means no more scratched frames during beading, or exposed cut edges. In-built toe and heel devices also ensure every installation is perfect.

Equal sightlines

Classic uses dummy sashes to create perfectly equal sightlines.

With narrow mullions and concealed drainage we’ve maintained the clean, balanced lines of the Sheerline system whatever the window style. Perfect for style conscious homeowners.

With great looks from every angle - due to our unique corner

The ultra slim 59mm sightlines of the innovative Classic window system maximises the light flooding into your home, creating a refined architectural look.

While our patented construction method creates perfect run through mitres on internal joints, doing away with the unsightly junctions of square cut beads seen on ordinary aluminium windows. We’ve also designed out the stepping of misaligned corners, allowing each Sheerline window to be individually hand tuned to perfection.

Leaving you with the perfect balance of understated refinement and exacting quality standards.

With unrivalled security built into every window

The innovative construction of the Classic window system eliminates the need for separate glazing beads – often an area of weakness in traditional window design

Instead our patented corner jointing method securely locks the glass away within a completely sealed unit. This coupled with our high security multipoint locking and unique  hinge protectors creates unparalleled levels of security. No window in its class is as secure. All Sheerline windows carry PAS24:2016 enhanced security accreditation, so if you are looking for stylish aluminium windows with extra peace of mind as standard – then we have you covered.

With a choice of traditional or contemporary styling

Sheerline aluminium windows are available in a choice of two opening sash styles; ‘Stepped’ – inspired by traditional steel windows – and ‘Contemporary’ with a more modern minimalist aesthetic. Both styles are available in either our standard outer frame, or as a ‘Flush’ option that brings both the perimeter and the opening sash perfectly in-line with each other. 

Thermavic® helps keep homes warm

Cold, crisp lines on the outside hide away our innovative Thermavic® multi-chamber thermal design, helping keep you and your property well insulated against the worst of the UK weather

This closed-cell, insulating chamber acts as a thermal break and works in conjunction with our high performance double glazing to create class leading thermal performance, far superior to traditional polyamide thermal breaks. Sheerline’s cills and ancillaries also feature this same technology coupled with innovative in-built weather sealing that keep draughts and rain safely outside.

All available in a range of colours and finishes to suit every home

Our Classic range of windows are available in eight powder coated, matt colours, with the option of choosing a different colour for the interior to help you find the look that is right for every property. A further three anodised finishes are available for the ultimate durable and stylish finish.

Please note; due to the nature of the manufacturing process and the differences in the methods used to represent these colours in print we cannot guarantee an exact colour match with the colours shown. The RAL colour references are also provided as a guide only.