Our Aims

We didn’t want to be just another aluminium system – held back by the same issues experienced by aluminium customers today

Changing consumer tastes and growth in the premium market have combined to create a surge in demand for a new look: strong slim-profile windows and doors in a wide range of colours. But old, inefficient factories and products, long lead times, and indifferent service are lowering the quality and satisfaction with aluminium. 

We wanted to solve the issues aluminium fabricators and installers face - that cost time and money


The past 30 years have seen little investment and few changes in aluminium product design, compared to PVC-U and timber.


Lead times are typically much longer in aluminium, delivery is at the supplier’s convenience, and support is meagre at best.


Lack of investment in new extrusion machinery and facilities often affects the quality of finished installations.


Aluminium window and door fabrication is low tech, making it harder to achieve good productivity and consistent quality.


Many components, unclear instructions, and variable quality can make installation more difficult than it should be.

Looks and performance

Aluminium profiles tend to come in square, angular shapes. Cool for cool houses, but not so cool if you aren't looking for an industrial aesthetic.

You’ll be pleased to know we solved their frustrations!

We’re excited about the potential for Sheerline – and we think you will be too.

Sheerline is engineered precisely and fabricated differently from standard aluminium windows. Extruding in-house improves efficiency and quality, and our own software and innovations make fabrication easier. Everything in our state-of-the-art factory is linked by SAP software, including the Combilift trucks, so we can maintain accurate schedules and lead times. From ordering to fulfilment, everything is integrated seamlessly to control quality, service, and customer support. Sheerline also makes life easier for installers, with simple components and just one easy to follow method of installation.

Beautiful architectural aluminium installation